Knowledge is the key for your best skin.


It is not just the cold to contend with; heat & wind are also aggressors that contribute to skin that
feels and looks dry and lack lustre. 
To protect your skin in the weather, it needs to be guarded and protected, just like the rest of your body.
Protective layers, TLC and barriers will get your skin through, whatever winter may throw at it. 

  • Don't over cleanse or scrub the skin. It has enough to deal with without one stripping the living lipids off your skin. 
  • If you do scrub, replace the lipid barrier with a lipid serum. It's the kindest thing to do.
  • Your night creme is critical, now that furnaces or radiators are blasting out water-sucking hot air. 
  • If your hair is standing on end from static electricity, do-not- skip-your-night creme. Ever.
  • Lips; reapply lip balm, wear lipstick or lip serums that condition lips that naturally lack protective lipids. 
    No lip protection and your lips will look like they belong to an Antartica Trek veteran. 
  • Listen to the weather man/woman or your mother. Cover up with a scarf and hat. Freezing skin is a problem and severe temps can stress delicate capillaries. Rosy cheeks are blood vessels working over time. 
  • Hands take a beating. Nails are more brittle. Shorten nails to a 'hibernation length', hand creme and gloves go on when the temp dips below double digits (Celsius). That would be 40F for our neighbors south. 
  • Drink water. Lots of it.
  • Moisturize your legs or household dust may increase. Yes, that would be your profusely shedding dead skin cells floating in the sunlit air after peeling off the tights. Moisturizers will help and keep the dreaded winter- shin itch at bay.

The winter won't last for ever (depending where you live). Tending your epidermis through the long winter months can fill an hour during cabin fever and you will realize nice skin for that first hint of summer. 

To shave the face or not to shave?
Whoa, put the razor down for just a minute!

Vellus Hair. It is the soft baby fine facial hair found on the facial planes of the face, the upper and lower lip and sometimes on the forehead. A new emerging beauty trend is to 'lady shave the face with a razor'.  Japanese women have been indulging in the female shave trend Kao Sori to remove vellus facial hair for a supposed smoother looking skin. Practitioners claim that the razor treatment promotes exfoliation and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles over time.

Having practiced electrolysis for years before the era of lasers, I treated many women who had been shaving the chin and the lip. In many cases the clients had medical histories that lent to hairiness of the face (hirsutism), and for these women the razor seemed like a quick fix. Regular razor shaving over time led to facial hair that emerged as a male pattern, daily 5'oclock shadow, stubble growth.

Technically, vellus hair is not affected by what goes on the surface of the skin. The regrowth after shaving may feel different as the hair shaft is blunt, not tapered as waxed or epilated regrowth. However if the hair is terminal (dark and/or coarse) don't touch a razor.

Then there is the issue of hormones. Vellus hair can 'go terminal (dark and coarse)' with the fall and lack of estrogen plus the emergence of heightened testosterone. Anyone in menopause can usually share a 'were the hell did that new, coarse, dark, bristly hair on my chin come from' story. Couple that with a regular razor habit and I would not want to entertain the end result.

Ads are popping up promoting 'female shaving razors' for the face and declaring vigorously that 'men don't like facial hair on women, so get rid of it'.  A rather broad statement about men's preference regarding facial hair. Seriously, just another 'beauty bully' tactic. Frankly, if a man were that close to you to actually see the baby peach fuzz on your lovely face, I would hardly think that would be the #1 topic on his mind. Face shaving may bring a smoother looking skin but razors on a women's delicate skin may leave rashes, there is a risk for infection from the blade(s) and the possibility of ingrown hairs.

Trends come and women experiment.

So..... if you are intrigued by 'shaving the face trend', be very, very cautious and educate yourself. One woman's success story maybe another woman's disaster. Be sure the hair on your face is vellus. Choose a small patch on your arm and razor weekly for a few months and monitor the regrowth. If your hair is darker and abundant (terminal) hair, please, please don't touch the razor. Consult with a dermatologist for the many options to choose from to help with unwanted hair.

Looking for smoother skin? There are hundreds of fab scrubs and peels on the market to do just that.

My opinion? Thanks but no thanks. I'll keep my fuzz.

The Eyelash Chronicles

My eyelashes. Not news worthy at all. They have no significant social value, nor will they change anything in the world.That said, instead of obsessing over the lousy Spring weather, I am going to obsess over my lashes until the nice weather arrives. I do believe this is called distraction. 

A few weeks ago I ran into a gal pal I hadn't seen in a while. I couldn't pin point exactly what was different and then she glanced down. Holy karumba bat man! Her eye lashes were fabulous! Of course I had to ask her. Eyelash extensions? Nope. Falsies? Nada. Really good mascara? Non. She happily told me her secret , Grande Lash MD.

I bolted back to work, did my research and ordered a stash for the shop. In a few days I held a gold tube of Grande Lash MD Eyelash and Brow Growing Formula in my hands. Could this be the answer to my ever fading eye brows, and my teensie eyelashes?

This has been a long tiresome winter and I have been obsessing about the arrival of Spring. This, Grande Lash MD Eyelash and Brow Serum could be the perfect distraction. According to instructions it will take 6 - 8 weeks, up to 3 months for full results and by then my lashes will be fabulous and the weather, well, better than winter.

First Week March 25th

I have tried lash extensions but they didn't fit my lifestyle or temperament. An other brand of eyelash serum caused an irritation that I was not willing to put up with. Grande Lash MD, Toronto, on the first easy application was very comfortable, with no irritation at all. I've faithfully applied it 2X's per day for the first week. No results yet, too early. I really don't care about the weather today, I am going to have new eyelashes soon. To be continued..... patience is a virtue.

July 25th, after faithful applications. I have longer lashes! 

Micro - Beads.Teeny Tiny Skin Polishing Environmental Monsters.

Smooth, flake free, glowing skin feels and looks good.  But at what price to the environment? Micro beads are found in many skin smoothing scrubs in the form of cleansers and wash off cremes. Your skin will feel smoother, however hundreds of thousands of these tiny little PLASTIC beads will wash down the drain, into the sewer system and eventually embedded into our environment and food chain. It will take eons for these little monsters to disappear, if they ever do.

Scrub away with the environment in mind by looking for a great scrub with natural exoliant ingredients such as crushed seeds or nuts, jojoba, or Diotomaceous Earth: (Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate). 

New York State is filing a bill to ban the use of Micro Beads in cosmetic formulations. Hopefully other jurisdictions will follow suit, but in the mean time, just not buying skin products with micro beads will send a strong message. To learn more

At Pink Avenue, we are proud to launch REsurface Skin Polishing Creme, 100% micro bead free.

best facial, pink avenue, toronto

It is not uncommon for someone on my facial bed to sigh and tell me that that they have 'the worst skin in the world'. I usually ask why do they think that and inevitably the evidence of the 'worst skin possible' is found in the magnifying mirror at home.

A 5 diopter magnifying mirror will certainly make a pore appear to be crater like, a line to resemble a crack, and if you were looking at a spider through the same glass, it would appear to be far more horrifying than it's itty bitty self. It's about perception and the reality of what you see. Magnifying mirrors are excellent tools to use for the purpose of magnification, so not to poke out an eye. But they don't tell the visual truth.

The perceived visual truth in your day to day world is what you see standing two feet back from the mirror. Incidentally it is actually a reversed image of ourselves, we can never see our true self in the mirror as others see us face to face in the real world. Take in the entire image, not just the point of reference of obsession, but the entire self. The truth is, it's good!

We live in a media world that can lend to dysmorphic thinking about our appearance and to obsess about little things, such as perceived large pores, a lip line that is perceived as not full enough, a line between the brows that is perceived to be sooo deep.It's endless.

I'm the first to admit, I watch the red carpet scene pre award shows. I like the beautiful designer gowns. But holy spanx bat girl, by the time you hear the litany of starvation, exercise, injections, plumping and fluffing, it can leave one breathless like a corset cinched damsel. But that's what these gals do, it's part of their biz as they perceive it.The magnifying glass they are under is far more powerful than the one in our bathroom.

So next time your in the magnifying mirror and examining your face, duly note what you see,but then take a reality check. Fluff your hair, powder your nose, check your teeth, a little brow powder, then step back two feet from the mirror. Your looking just fine for the world to see.

Fall Time & Your Skin Goes a Little "Squirrely" 

Having looked after faces of hundreds of people over the years, I have discovered through observation and practice that there appears to be a connection with our skin and the changing seasons.One would think that as 'highly advanced human beings' we are immune to the change and shift in the rhythm of the cycle of the seasons. But we are no different than the squirrels.
skin gone a little squirrelly?
For years I have told my Pink Avenue,Toronto clients "when the squirrels go a little crazy, so does your skin!". Watch squirrels in the spring and fall, activity is heightened in perfect timing with the change of season. Hence "squirrelly skin"!

As your skin is the largest organ of elimination, it would make sense that it is directly affected by the cause and effect of the body adapting to a new season. Aside from increased breakouts and  the skin looking a bit 'sun-worn' from the summer season, take note about how you feel in general.

Shortening daylight hours can bring on feelings of tiredness, we start to crave carbs (sometimes any kind of carb) to give us temporary serotonin boosts. Cool, green leafy salads loose their appeal and a hot bowl of pasta or a rich soup is far more appetizing

Fall is the perfect time to tune your skin for the colder months ahead. Adjust your skin care by adding serum under your moisturizer day and night. Heating systems in our part of the world can lead to drier skin if left exposed and bare to indoor heating. To combat breakouts that seem to occur more frequently during the seasonal shifts Pink Avenue Skin Care Green Tea Serum or the new amazing Pink Avenue C Stem Serum can do wonders for your skin.

Switch your cleanser to a more hydrating formula if your skin is prone to dryness in the winter months. Have a Pink Avenue Blue Tidal Enzymatic Peel along with a Pink Avenue Microcurrent Facial to give your skin an amazing boost. 

Ahh Hah! I Was Right!

Science baby, I've been validated by science:):):)The Benefits of Sunscreen

Last night on CTV news a report stated " A study of 900 young and middle-aged men and women showed year-round use of sunscreen significantly slows the aging of the skin that’s caused by the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays.

“This has been one of those beauty tips you often hear quoted, but for the first time we can back it with science,” Professor Adele Green of Queensland Institute of Medical Research said in a statement. “Protecting yourself from skin cancer by using sunscreen regularly has the added bonus of keeping you looking younger.”

As I've been saying for the entire duration of my career (30 years), sunscreen is critical and should be used daily (365 days per year, regardless of weather) to protect and enhance the look and feel of your skin. I tell my clients, each time I see them, treat the use of your sunscreen like toothpaste. You would never consider not using it - ever. And may I add, this rule applies to all skin tones as well. Daily sunscreen application will help prevent photo damage (dark discoloration) for ethnic skin tones  So ladies..... like I always say, brush your teeth and then put on your sunscreen !

The Bronze(r) Age  bronzer

Here comes the sun after a long, long grey winter. Aside from lifting our mood by stimulating seratonin in the brain, safe sun exposure is an important source for Vitamin D. It's warmth and glow makes everything feel better. But we all know too much mid day exposure can cause trouble. Enter self tanners and bronzers. 

I am from a day when I remember the sun tanning cocktail of choice was mixing baby oil and iodine together, slathering that on and lying on a few sheets of reflective tin foil in the noon sun. Kind of like turkey basting. The first self tanners were fun too. Putting them on in the morning guaranteed that sometime during the day someone would comment  "um, you are turning day glow, sweet potato orange". Enter the current bronzing age! 

There are so many fab products today to create a flawless, natural looking sun kissed tan. 

My favorites. St. Tropez Self Tanner for the perfect glow that leaves your skin a gorgeous tan. L'Oreal Sublime Bronzer, a luxurious, easy to apply, 24 hour temporary fix for pasty white skin, when you have no time to do a proper prep and application, like St. Tropez. For the face, I love, love, Pink Ave's Mineral Bronzer Laguna.

There is an art to applying facial bronzer.

  • Cleanse, moisturize, and apply your tinted sunscreen.
  • If your skin is damp from creme, dust a small amount of Pink Ave Makeup HD Mattifier with a mineral brush
  • Taking a small amount of Pink Ave Makeup Lagauna MIneral Bronzer to the brush, in circular motions, apply on the sides of the neck, the decollate. Sweep the brush over the planes of the jaw line, a touch on the apples of the cheeks, and then lightly over the forehead. Do not apply bronzer on your nose. If you do, you may end up with the "brown nose effect", which shows up vividly in a photo. Not good.
  • Finish with a touch of Pink Ave Makeup Universal Blusher to the apples of the cheek and a touch to the bridge of the nose. Voila! 'Sun kissed'  beautiful, skin. 

Facial Brushes, Sponges and BacteriaPink Avenue Aedthetics

Caution when brushing or sponging.

Much like kitchen sponges and old tooth brushes, bristles of any cleansing brush or sponge can harbor and breed bacteria. Years ago in facial therapy, facial sponges and facial brushes were an accepted standard in our training. However with knowledge of how bacteria thrives and spreads, most aestheticians have shunned the practice, preferring sanitized disposable methods to cleanse and buff the skin to prevent the spread of bacteria over the face

Suddenly, facial brushes are springing up every where. If you are going to use them here are a few pointers you should consider before revving up your brush and applying it to the skin,

  • Acne, pimples,inflammation of the skin. If you have acne of any type applying a brush or a sponge to the pimples may spread the staphylococcus bacteria over the face, causing a break out else where.
  • Use your brush on clear skin only, with no outbreak, acne or infection.
  • CLEAN and dry your brush thoroughly after every use. Be sure to dry the brush down to the bristle base. Leaving a damp used facial brush sitting after a warm shower is a perfect breeding place for bacteria to breed on a collection of dead skin cells.
  • Sponges? Bacteria. Enough said.

microcurrent facial, Pink Avenue., TorontoAnatomy of a Microcurrent Facial

  frontalis: the forehead

    corrugator: the brow

    nasalis: the nose

    obicularis oculi: around the eye

    levator labii: raises the upper lip

    masseter: closes the jaw

    Obicularis oris: purses the lips

    risoris: draws the lips in a smile

    buccinator: pulls the lips wide and tight

    depressor labii: lowers the lower lips

    depressor anguli oris: lowers the bottom corner of the lips

    levator anguli oris (not shown): raises the upper corner of the lips

    pterigoid (not shown): pulls jaw back or shut

    mentalis: pulls chin down

Like the muscles of your body, your facial muscles are kinetic and respond to stimulus, just as the body muscles respond to weight lifting and exercise.Just like the muscles of the body, facial muscles are affected by time, gravity and life style. As a result the facial muscles lengthen or shorten causing visible evidence of aging. 

Pink Avenue, Toronto, Micro current facials are the best exercise for the face. By using low doses of electrical current applied to the points of origin and insertion of the small muscles of the face, the facial muscles are stimulated ('exercised'), resulting in a firmer, more youthful contour of the face. Pink Avenue Micro current Facials are non-invasive, require no needles or injections. More importantly the treatment will not artificially alter the natural beauty of your face. 

A series of treatments, 8 to 12 close together (1- 2 per week) are required to re-educate the muscle. Monthly treatments afterwards maintains the results. 

Understanding your facial muscles and their function is a smart way to understand the value of micro current facial treatments. See Micro Current Facials
See Before and Afters.

Visit Pink Avenue, Toronto for the best Biogel pedi and mani.  Enjoy the best anti - aging facials, Toronto and discover Pink Avenue's best glycolic peel. For the best skin care and best medical grade skin care, Pink Avenue is the best facial spa in Toronto.