best pollution defense skin care, Toronto, ON

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Best skin care, Toronto, ON 

best medical grade skin care, Toronto, ON
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"OMG! I am so excited about my skin! Dryness, gone. Flakiness, gone. Redness, almost gone! Thank you so much for my new skin. I have never, ever used such amazing skin care. I am ready for my 50's lol:)
PS. The mineral powder and the lip love - miraculous!!!" 
Milva Arroyo, Vaughn, ON. 

Hi Suzie, I just wanted to let you know that I received the Pink Ave products and have been using them for about three days. I already see a difference in my skin!! I can't believe it. Especially in the redness on my cheeks and the darkness under my eyes.  Really looking forward to the microcurrent session! Best, C.K. Toronto, ON

best skin care in Toronto, ON Pink Avenue

I just wanted to keep you up to date on my results... my skin is starting to look fantastic I think the products are finally working and I noticed that my dark spots fade a lot faster and your acne roller is amazing .... I stopped using my foundation and I am also loving the powder (Pink Avenue Mineral 4) 
Shelley :) Sent from my iPhone

"Suzie,my mom is still RAVING about your facial and your products!! She literally cleaned out her beauty products and gave me a giant bag of stuff she's not going to use anymore because she loves your products so much!!"Emma S,, Toronto, ON

Suzie, when you offered me the skin care samples and convinced meto have the microcurrent facial I was soooooo skeptical, 'cause I have a bathroom full of 'nothing that works'. You are amazing- wow! After my first treatment my fiance could not believe how great my skin looked - after ONE treatment. The last 2 weeks using your skin care, the big painful pimples are gone:):), the little ones that still come, go away so fast:):):) my skin feels so moisturized. Usually I have to run home after a facial with other places because my skin is so red. After this 2nd treatment, wow wow wow!! It looks sooo good!  Can't wait for the next. A grateful bride to be! Justice D. Toronto, ON 





best acne skin care, Toronto, ON Pink Avenue
best anti age skin care, Toronto, ON Pink Avenue
best acne skin care, Toronto, ON
best brightening skin care, Toronto, ON
Best skin care, Toronto, ON
We live in a world today that stresses your skin. It makes sense then to protect it. 
Three major factors stress the skin:


best medical grade skin care, Toronto, ON

Pollution. If you are living in an urban area, you can't escape it. That includes indoors as well as indoors. Cigarette smoke, vapors from carpets, paints, plastics etc contribute to aging skin. You will recognize indoor pollution if you have ever painted the walls of a room; your lips dry out, your skin may feel very dry or irritated. 
Out door pollution is the exhaust fumes, emissions from factories and everything else that makes a city 'run'. Pollution particles can penetrate the skin's protective barrier and this results in: 

  • inflammation of the skin 
  • the breakdown of elastin & collagen 
  • stress on the skin cell, thus is does not live as long as it should. 

This results in aged skin; fine lines, wrinkles. age spots, inflammation (redness) and texture that is rough. 

Skin Care formulated with LipoChroman Antioxidant. 

best antioxidant skin care, Pink Avenue, Toronto, ON

Pink Avenue Skin Care is formulated with Lipochroman®, the only antioxidant that protects against pollution& nitrogen free radicals. The formulas also feature deeply penetrating antioxidant Vitamin C, algae peptides, and essential oils to help reduce the breakdown of collagen and elastin and to promote the formation of new collagen.

best moisturizing skin care, Pink Avenue, Toronto, ON

Climate affects the skin. Extreme heat or cold, dry heat, humidity upsets the Ph balance of the skin; and that is just outdoors. Factor in our indoor climates, depending where you live, then there is the artificial climate of our cooling and heating systems. The skin is again thrown out of balance, resulting in difficulties such as

  • dry, uncomfortable skin 
  • acne eruptions, premature aging & inflammations 

Moisturizers & serums formulated with bio identical lipids & marine peptides. 

best face creme for dry skin, Pink Avenue, Toronto, ON

PH balance of the skin is critical in order for dry skin to feel soft & comfortable without excessive oiliness. 
Pink Avenue glycolic and salicylic based skin care products are combined with essential oils &marine extracts to ensure a perfect PH forfabulously moisturized skin. 

Best medical grade skin care,Toronto, ON, Pink Avenue

Light ages the skin. UVA, UVB rays are well known regarding the damaging effects on our skin. Now we have HEV, light emitted from computer screens,
smart phones & LED lights. As a culture we spend hours in front of our devices. Clinical research confirms that HEV light contributes to aging of the skin. 


Pink Avenue Skin Care offers dynamic, result oriented serums & face creme to treat and counteract the aggression of light on our skin.
Pink Avenue skin care contain powerful antioxidants like Chromabright┬«, Lipochroman┬«, and Vitamin C to neutralize free radicals & correct damage by UVA, UVB, & HEV light.

Formulated by a Dermatologist, Pink Avenue Skin Care
defends your skin against the environment with state of the art ingredients. 
Best dermatologist formulated skin care, Toronto, ON 

  • LipoChroman Antioxidant,
  • Botanical Essential Oils,
  • Botanical Stem Cell,
  • Vitamin C, E  and A 
  • Bio Placenta EGF 
  • Retinoids 
  • Copper Peptides
  • Lipids

and a host of other synergistic ingredients that are safe & effective without skin irritation. 
Pink Avenue Skin Care is fabulous because what is not in our skin care formulations:

Sulfates: Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) / Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES)
Formaldehyde releasing ingredients
Artificial dye, artificial fragrance, and fragrance mixe
Ethyl alcohol
Propylene glycol
Kojic acid
BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) and BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene)

Discover the best cosmeceutical grade skin care.
Advanced Pink Avenue Skin Care by Suzie Cunningham

"Understanding your skin and how it functions is important regarding the success of your skin care regime. I educate my clients about why I am recommending a certain product so they understand the benefits and will achieve great results. Healthy, vibrant, glowing skin.With Pink Avenue Skin Care & Pink Avenue Microcurrent facials and peels, you can have the very best skin for the decade you are in. I use and love my Pink Avenue Skin Care and I know you will too."  Suzie Cunningham

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