best acne skin care, Toronto, ON


Best Acne Skin Care, Toronto, ON 
A dermatologist formulated skincare for skin prone to acne.
& prevent new breakouts.

  • minimizes pore appearance, whiteheads, blackheads, 
  • fades marks left from previous acne breakouts.
  • The best Acne Control Skin Care, Toronto, will lessen redness,
  • smooths skin texture
  • evens skin tone.

Clinically formulated to deliver proven results with a combination
of medical grade and natural ingredients.  



Pink Avenue Skin Care, Best Acne Care, Toronto, ON
Pink Avenue Salicylic Cleanser, Toronto, ON

CLEANSE: gently massage a small amount of cleanser onto damp face and neck, avoiding eyes. Leave on for 10 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with tepid water

Micro-exfoliating cleanser with 2% salicylic acid at low pH improves dead cell removal, & antibacterial coconut oil balances moisture levels. Unclogs pores, treats and prevents acne, smooths rough texture, and improves luminosity.  180ML

Active Ingredients: Salicylic Acid (2%).Inactive Ingredients: Water, Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate, Sodium Chloride, Glycerin, Cocamide MIPA, Decyl Glucoside, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba (Guar) Gum, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Salix Nigra (Willow) Bark Extract, Glyceryl Caprylate, Citric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Glyceryl Undecylenate.

best acne skin care, Toronto, ON, Pink Avenue Skin Care
best acne skin care, Toronto, ON

EXFOLIATE: After cleansing, apply Pink Avenue Glycolic Gel evenly to face, avoiding eyes. For first two weeks, rinse off after 10-20 minutes. After two weeks, if tolerated, do not rinse off. Never apply to red, irritated or peeling skin.
Micro peel with 10% glycolic acid at low pH removes dead cells to improve pore appearance and texture. Marine extracts replenish moisture and improve elasticity to lessen appearance of fine lines and acne marks. 50ML

10% Pure Glycolic Acid: Penetrates into pores, minimizing the skin cell build-up that causes acne lesions. Exfoliates the outer dead cell layer to reveal healthier, fresher skin. 
Algae Firming Peptides: Derived from Hawaiian Red Sea Extract, this hydrating, purifying ingredient also boosts collagen production.
Mate, Kola and Guarana Extracts: These botanicals calm skin inflammation, acne breakouts, mature and hormonally disturbed skin.

best acne skin care, Pink Avenue, Toronto, ON
best acne skin care, Pink Avenue, Toronto

TREAT: Apply Pink Avenue Green Tea Serum after glycolic to face and neck. Use in the AM after cleansing. 

Hydrating & mattifying serum with 5% green tea extract corrects appearance of hyper-pigmentation, blemishes and redness.
Hyaluronic acid and vitamin E maintain skin moisture and support firmer texture. 30ML

Water, Dimethicone, Glycerin, Camellia Sinensis Leaf (Green Tea) Extract, Butylene Glycol, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Sodium Hyaluronate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Chondrus Crispus Extract, Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer, Xanthan Gum, Disodium EDTA, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Hexylene Glycol.

Hyaluronic acid provides the perfect moisture balance for your skin.

best acne skin care, Toronto, ON
Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin A & E 

Acne skin needs to well hydrated in order for the skin to improve. 
Oil and water are 2 very different things. If your skin is oily and feels dry, the skin's PH is out of balance. PH balanced skin = happier, better skin.  

 Hyal Derma Glow Oil-free Moisturizer with

  • Hyaluronic acid: holds 1,000 times its weight in water to leave skin well-hydrated.
  • Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate: antioxidant that helps heal blemishes, and promotes skin renewal,
    helping to even skin tone.
  • Vitamin E: helps heal, hydrate and protect skin.

Hydrates oily and acne-prone skin for a healthy, vibrant complexion.

The perfect companion with
Pink Avenue Acne Skin Care. 

Why so fabulous? 

  • Ultra-sheer moisturizer that leaves skin shine-free.
  • Non-comedogenic hydration.
  • Ideal for acne-prone skin, as well as post-laser / post-peel / post-microdermabrasion & skin prone to acne/milia. 

How to Use
After treatment serum, apply to face and neck twice daily. Follow with SPF in the morning.

Water, Stearic Acid, Cetyl Dimethicone, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Sodium Hyaluronate, Retinyl Palmitate, Cetyl Alcohol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Ceratonia Siliqua Gum, Hydrolyzed Casein, Carbomer, Chrondus Crispus (Carrageenan), Sodium Hydroxide, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Hexylene Glycol, Fragrance.

BEST ACNE SKINCARE, Toronto, ON. Pinkl AvenuePro Copper G Peel 

Dermatologist formulated, PRO COPPER G Peel glycolic peel is the best acne peel in Toronto, ON. An amazing and highly effective peel  to revive, refresh and even skin tone, and bring the "glow" back to your skin.
Perfectly safe for Fitzpatrick Skin Types 1- V .
What's your Fitzpatrick skin type? Click here to find out

This Best Acne Peel in Toronto, ON is a highly effective glycolic, copper tri-peptide peel. PRO COPPER G Peel is most effective as a series of 4 to 8 weekly
or bi-weekly treatments, depending on your skin type.

This peel can be incorporated with other treatments (micro current facial treatment) to produce the best visible improvement in skin luminosity, fine lines and superficial wrinkles, uneven skin tone and age spots, as well as acne and acne marks/scars.

Glycolic Peels - did you know?facial peels, Pink Avenue, Toronto 

Exfoliants such as PRO COPPER G Peel do thin the dead outermost layer of the skin, the stratum corneum. And in removing significant amounts of this dead cell layer, people who use glycolic acid products notice a new 'glow' to their skin.

This reported glow is explained by the fact that dead cells no longer cover the living cells, and so the skin surface looks more radiant. What’s more, the living epidermal cell layer will thicken over time, further restoring a more youthful appearance to the skin.

Over time, skin to which glycolic acid products are applied will also start to make new collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Sometimes the cosmetic improvement to the epidermal layer from use of glycolic acid products is significant within days.  Dermal change - like reduction in the appearance of fine lines -- usually takes at least two weeks.

Before and After: PRO COPPER G Peels, 12 treatments once per week, plus Pink Avenue Skin Care at home.

Key Ingredients 

  • 70% partially buffered Glycolic Acid - breaks down the bonds between cells to allow easier exfoliation of dead skin cells, stored excess pigment and clogged pores and debris
  • Copper Tri Peptides - produces a firmer skin texture and helps the skin heal faster and more dramatically after the peel


  • Individual - $80.00
  • Buy 6 and recieve a FREE ACNE CONTROL SYSTEM 


Acne attacks can range from the mildly annoying
to disfiguring and depressing.

Don't give up as there are steps and solutions to help.

Pink Avenue Skin Care, Acne skin care, Pink Avenue, Toronto

  • Take an inventory of everything you put on or touch your face with.The Staphylococci bacteria found in an inflamed breakout can spread causing more eruptions. That means, NO facial sponges, NO facial brushes. Think of the kitchen sink sponge! Would you rub that all over your face? Of course not! Facial cleansing sponges and cleansing brushes can harbor bacteria, pick up bacteria and move it all over. A good cleanser and your hands are far cleaner.

  • Steely, shiny. pimple popping instruments (the ones with the little hole that you press down with all your might to get that %$^# breakout) NO NO NO, get rid of it.
  • Avoid picking at acne with long fingernails. You can spread infection, as long nails can harbor bacteria.
  • No makeup brushes to apply liquid foundation. Applying your liquid makeup with a brush (or sponge) over infected acne, then dipping it back into the bottle, then on again, then in again is a great way to load up your liquid foundation with bacteria that will be sure to keep cross infecting your skin.
  • Switch to Mineral Foundations instead. Pink Ave Mineral Powders are awesome because they are very resistant to harboring bacteria. Formulated with Titanium Dioxide, Pink Ave Mineral Powders can be soothing to acne skin. When applying the mineral powder, be sure to clean your mineral brush each time.
  • Sleeping beauty, change your pillow cover every night when your acne is in an eruptive state.
  • Eat lean, green and balanced. Drink your water. Water is the best way to keep your body flushed and running smoothly. Properly hydrating your body will help the function of your skin. Not sure how much to drink? Check the color of your urine, it should be the color of straw or clear when you are drinking enough for your body. Darker tones of yellow is an indication you are not properly hydrated. Pretty simple, no?
  • A great cleanser is your skin's best friend and is the first step in keeping your skin's PH balanced. A well formulated cleanser can give you soothing,immediate relief to acne skin. If your skin is dry and tight after cleaning or feels oily and not clean, then you have the wrong cleanser. If your skin's PH is not balanced then it will have a tough time naturally protecting and healing itself.
  • UV light (suntanning) may appear to temporarily improve acne and is not a proven, safe remedy. UV rays over best skin care, torontotime will age the skin, cause photo damage (discoloration) and put you at risk for skin cancers in the future. Having your face carved up to remove cancers is not worth clearing up a few pimples temporarily.

THE TRUTH ABOUT SKIN: In the 30 years I have worked with a faces and skin, this I know to be true; I have never come across a "perfect" skin. Magazines, photos are often manipulated to create the illusion of a perfect pore-less skin. Every face has good days, and not so great days due to weather, environment, lifestyle, hormones, natural progression of aging, diet, medication, sleep or lack of etc. The key is to learn to understand what "triggers" your skin, adapt, care for it daily and try not to stress too much about it. Stand 2 feet back from a mirror, that is what the world sees. If your acne is severe and cystic, consult with you doctor. Medical intervention maybe required along with the suggestions above.

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