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best medical grade skin care,Pink Avenue, Toronto, ON

Hi! My name is Suzie Cunningham and I am so happy you have found Pink Avenue! 

My earliest memory of beauty care was watching my mother as a very young child. Perched on the bath tub I watched absolutely fascinated as she applied lotions from amber and turquoise bottles to her face, gently patting her eye area, lightly stroking creme over her face and neck.

I thought she was the most beautiful person in the world. I began my career with my Mom when I was 16 in her Aesthetic Spa. Decades later it is no surprise that I still love what I do!

Suzie Cunningham, Pink Avenue, Toronto, ON
best medical grade skin care,Pink Avenue, Toronto, ON

Having looked after faces for decades, I understand the nuances of excellent care of the skin. 
Whether your skin is struggling with acne,  or signs of aging are beginning to show, I can help you achieve beautiful, glowing , firmer tighter skin that will improve with age with the correct program designed just for you. 

I know what the skin needs and how to treat each individual face with the care it deserves. I have learned from 32 years of experience the needs of acne, hormonal skin, pre-pregnancy skin, post pregnancy skin, peri- menopausal skin, and maturing menopausal skin. 
I have a wealth of knowledge and aesthetic technique that I am happy  to share with you.

Pink Avenue is my "boutique Day Spa " in the heart of Yonge & Bloor since 1986. 
Since 1986  I have been helping women look and feel their best  
I was honored that Pink Avenue was recognized by Flare Magazine as "One of Canada's Best".

Pink Avenue Hydra Soothe Serum, Toronto, ON
Pink Avenue, best skin care, Toronto, ON
Canada's Best , Pink Avenue, Flare

The micro-current facial is my expertise. I am excited to offer a method of face rejuvenation that elevates the beauty of a person's natural face.

My place is for the woman who is seeking private,  attentive, professional facial aesthetic care, and desiring non invasive face care options.

My micro-current facial method celebrates and enhances the natural beauty of the face; non-invasive, needle & injection free, care of the skin.
With 32 years experience your face is in good hands.

I am most excited by the next chapter of my career having launched Pink Avenue Skin Care.  Dermatologist formulated, Medical Grade, Clinically Tested skin care regimens that truly transform the skin.
Book your appointment today for a skin consultation and lets discuss the best steps forward for beautiful skin, smoother, tighter facial contours and ongoing face rejuvenation.
 I look forward to meeting you! 
Yours Sincerely,
Suzie Cunningham

Thank you for reaching out to Pink Avenue!
Every face is beautiful! 
Aesthetician/Microcurrent Specialist/Owner  / 416 922 0879 

Pink Avenue Skin Care, Toronto, ON

Suzie Cunningham, owner of Pink Avenue offers the best microcurrent facial, 
the best skin care for anti aging , rejuvenation and acne.  She has the photos to prove it!

With over 32 years of facial care experience and the best micro-current facials
Suzie creates amazing, superb spa facials custom designed just for your skin's needs. The results? Glowing rejuvenation, fabulous skin and more youthful contours.

Pink Avenue, Toronto, use the finest dermatologist formulated,
cosmesceutical skin care products in all facial treatments and series.

Pink Avenue, Toronto, is located in the heart of Yonge & Bloor. 
By appointment only. 
Book your appointment today with Suzie Cunningham. 

Your best choice for the best spa facials & best micro-current facials, 
Pink Avenue, Toronto, ON

Best Skin Care, Toronto, ON


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