Since 1986.  

As a practising Aesthetician, registered LightStim LED LLLT therapist  and a Microcurrent Facial specialist, I have been caring for my clients' skin in my Pink Avenue Clinic in Toronto, ON.  Whether it is teenage skin, hormonal, pregnancy,  peri or post menopausal skin, I can help!  

Please fill out the ONLINE SKIN CONSULTATION form and send a close up pic of your skin. I will analyze the photo and the information you send.  I will  email you back with suggestions to help you improve your skin. No obligation or purchase. Just decades of skin care experience to help you!  Suzie Cunningham 

Ps. Your information submitted is kept strictly confidential and never shared, sold or distributed to another party.

This service does not replace the consultation with a Doctor.
Should you observe changes in the skin (anywhere on the body), ie new moles, moles changing size, moles that are changing in color, moles that are bleeding, moles changing shape, skin that never heals, unusual sudden, spreading rashes with or without fever, isolated sores that do not heal, unusual color of the skin, contact your doctor for a medical consultation immediately.

Best Microcurrent facial, Toronto, ON., Pink Avenue Skin Care
Pink Avenue Skin Care, best microcurrent facials, Toronto, ON

Thank you! I can't believe the difference in my skin with your facials and skin care!!! All the redness is gone:)  I'm a believer!  Kim C., Toronto, ON 

“Doing a set of 10 micro current facials at Pink Avenue has been life changing. Suzie is not only a highly skilled technician who can talk the talk about the intricacies of micro current, she has walked the walk and created amazing results for me personally.  Suzie is a warm hearted, beautiful individual whose treatments have given more confidence in my appearance than I had in my 20s. I trust her with my skin.“  Debra Scott 

Knowledgeable cosmetologist, who cares about result and gives good advice on skin care, without business interest. Good microcurrent facial, so far best in Toronto. Place to go without risk, unlike many other salons. Angelika Z. Toronto, ON

"This was hands down the best facial treatment i have had. I am not so free with the compliments however I say this with complete honesty. The experience from first contact to follow up conversation was warm, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. If you have never experienced a micro current facial, do your self a favour and book in with Suzie. First off, the space is low key, and nurturing. Susie has a simple and sensible approach and the massage and care were incredible. Tremendous value and real results immediately and the days that followed. Wonderful skin products . I will definitely be a repeat customer and will spread the word to friends. If there were more than 5 stars i would give that!"
Karin Ruiz, Toronto, ON / Google Review  

I was so happy with my skin after I saw you a few weeks back. I noticed my skin still changing a week after. I also love to samples you gave me - serum, cream and eye cream.....I see the results for sure.  
Stephanie J., Toronto

93 Collier St. Unit 2,
Toronto, ON M4W1M1
416 922 0879 

"One of Canada's Best." Flare

Discover for yourself Toronto's best kept secret, Suzie Cunningham's addictive Pink Avenue™ Skin Care.  Skin care formulations that actually deliver. Visible results in as little as 14 days. Pink Avenue™ is 'love in a jar' for your skin; acne, dry skin, rosacea prone, mature, oily, aging skin.

Discover the 'energy" facial', Microcurrent Facials with LightStim LLLT  to tone, firm and lift the contours of the face. Visible results in a single session.
Pink Avenue loves your nails too; drill free,

416 922 0879 - SUZIE@PINKAVE.CA

Since 1986, Suzie Cunningham has looked after her clients  with
the best Micro-current Facials, Toronto, ON and  LightStim™ LLLT Facials. 
Over 32 years of  facial  experience is here for you. 
Your face deserves it. 

Suzie Cunningham has dedicated her career to keeping the beauty real; the best micro current facials & LightStim ™ LLLT face and skin treatments that are needle and filler free. Pink Avenue™ Cosmeceutical Botanical Skin Care enhances clinic facial treatments and at home for skin that glows and truly transforms. 

Suzie Cunningham understands the skin, whether it is acne, post baby, peri-menopausal, menopausal or hyper-pigmented.
Pink Avenue offers the best facials. Toronto, ON and the best skin care, Toronto, ON that are tried, true and tested, leaving the skin glowing, refreshed, and rejuvenated. 

Pink  Avenue Skin Care, Toronto, ON
best medical grade skin care, Toronto, ON


Pink Avenue, best medical grade skin care, Toronto, ON

Suzie. I need to order my face creme and serum... cant live without your products :) Tara S. Seattle Washington 

Your C-Complex Serum... amazing! I've had Micro-current in L.A. and N.Y. & after just 2 treatments with you I cant believe how good my skin looks! Wow!!! Thank you Caroline K. Los Angeles 

"Dear Suzie: I just wanted to let you know how much I love the Advanced Retinol serum!  I have tried other retinols and found them too irritating. The serum feels lovely on my skin and I only need just a little bit. I really think after just a week I am seeing a nice difference. Sincerely Maggie S., Burlington ON."

I have to tell you, I LOVE the new product line!!! I really think I am seeing a huge difference. Denise N.,  Little Rock,Arkansas USA

"When Suzie suggested that I try the Pink Avenue skin care line, I must say I was very skeptical. My skin is sensitive and I easily break out. I also have mild rosacea and very very dry skin. OMG! Within 3 days of using the products, I could not believe the results --- redness has diminished by about 50% and no 'flakey' dry skin.  The Hydra Soothe serum is absolutely AMAZING!!!! -and the eye cream is crazy fabulous !!!" (Firm Contour Eye Creme
Licia D. Toronto,ON

Your product line is a gift for my skin! Marg Colquhoun, Toronto, ON

"Dear Suzie, Just wanted to say it was so great to meet you. I absolutely loved the facial! Having been using your products for the last few months I notice a real difference! I love the face wash, the c complex and hydra soothe and the moisturizers!" Justine T., Bermuda

International distributors, Pink Avenue, Toronto, ON
Van B Tran, Pink Avenue Distributor

Ms. Van B Tran 
Distributor for:
Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia 

Best Bio Sculpture & Evo Gel, Toronto, ON 


Let Pink Avenue and Bio Sculpture/EVO Gel, Toronto, ON nurture your natural nail back to life. Pain-free, DRILL FREE, absolutely fab,
LED Cured gel manicures. 

Lightstim for acne, Toronto, ON
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